Marketing for Advertising Sales

Marketing Strategy, Tactics & Training for Advertising Sales

It is commonly said that advertising space (or time, or impressions) is sold—not bought. Media companies of all stripes have sales people assigned to accounts in order to be aggressive about contacting and persuading customers to buy, making proposals, and in many cases completing Requests-for-Proposals (RFPs). Even Google, famous for providing small business with on-demand ordering mechanisms for purchasing a small amount of advertising with a credit card, employs thousands of advertising sales people.

This thinking ignores the important role of marketing in the sales of advertising. Proper marketing of advertising media creates a level of awareness and interest in the property to make it easier for sales people to get appointments, and provides content and research tools that improves sales productivity. Marketing departments should be deeply involved in communications around the sales of advertising media and service, and provides a range of services around communicating the unique attributes and values, and the competitive comparisons that help advertisers sell. When marketing is done well advertising sales people can get more appointments, face less resistance in the selling process, get more in-bound leads, and will close more and bigger deals.

This seminar, originally developed for the Magazine Publishers of America, covers four key parts of the marketing process:

  • How marketing fits in a proper Strategic Plan for Advertiisng Sales.
  • Understanding The Market and your advertising marketing course
    • How advertising purchase decisions are made
  • Defining the Marketing Problem
    • Awareness
    • Competitive comparisons
    • Sales process to be supported
  • Positioning and Building a Marketing Plan
    • Drafting a USP or Positioning Statement
    • Communicating to multiple market segments
    • Drafting a successful sales presentation
    • Building an effective media kit
  • Advanced Marketing concepts
    • Special advertising sections/content environments
    • Joint special sections and co-marketing programs with other media brands
    • Value-added programs
    • Creating complete “solution-oriented” packages
    • Cause related marketing
    • Research as marketing
    • Segmenting your market
    • Endorsements
    • Creating a ‘customer experience’ for advertising customers

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