Thank You Grey Dog Media

Almost two years later, still grateful.

It’s not often that an ad-sales trainer or ad-sales consultant has the opportunity to work for a client, helps them achieve success, and gets a send-off as nice as this.Fake magazine cover for end-of-consulting send-off.

Our success would not have been possible without the team we recruited and trained. Thanks Bill Frame, Mary Lemke and Dave Duggan for making it work, and making me look good.

Two years later, I’m still charmed.

To my other clients, no, you don’t have to make me a commemorative framable cover or spoof-movie or fake Facebook page to make me remember you fondly.

Thank you again Wanda and Adam and the Grey Dog team for making magazines to be proud of. You and the creative team don’t get enough credit for the fabulous content you make.

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