Automated Advertising and Publishing Economics

Americans like automation. We’ve gone from automatic transmission cars to the Automat as a food-service choice, to Nike’s automatically lacing shoes. So it’s no wonder that publishers like the idea of automating the notoriously difficult task of ad-sales. Of course, advertisers like the idea of automating their advertising, too. Just flip the switch and the sales start rolling in.

But for most publishers, automated advertising — also known as Programmatic or Real-Time-Bidding advertising — is most associated with automatically lowering the revenue per ad and per page-view for publishers. Advertisers have demanded automatic fraud detection and prevention, automatic reporting on visibility, customer engagement and attribution reporting, all of which automatically take money out of the publisher’s pocket and fatten the wallets of a bewildering array of service suppliers.

Publishers can fight back and regain revenue. But success is not automatic. If you are bewildered by the jargon has the solution for you.

Whether it’s SSPs and DMPs or SPO and RTB that has you confused, or perhaps you understand the jargon but are still looking for tactics to stop the leaks in your revenue flow, you have come to the right place. Sign up for this seminar on Managing Automated Advertising. We can help you optimize your DPO.


What is SPO & Why is Everybody Talking About It?



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