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How To Stay Ahead of Your Customers

If you are not providing leadership to your customers you will be relegated to the commodity media file. You’ll be the company that occasionally receives business when it suits your customer-base. On the other hand, as a leadership media company you’ll drive new business, win greater market share, and expand your market.

Use leadership to get ahead of your customers

Publishing Strategy: Use Social Media, Invest in Content. 1

High quality content, and more and more of it, is your social media strategy. People share content, and comment on content via social media. No content, no sharing. Build your content first. Readers will share on their social media of choice. When Facebook declines they’ll share it on the next platform, be it Snapchat or Instagram or one we haven’t heard of yet.

Are You Building (Ad-Sales) Competitive Advantage?

If you view advertising sales as a purely transactional business, you won’t be building competitive advantage. When you invest in the three practices above your competitive advantage will build – one customer and one individual relationship at a time. Then, over time, your sales team will notice that they are more likely to get calls and emails returned and you win the close calls on business that might have gone to your competitor. You’ll win more renewal-business, meaning your new business wins can build the business rather than put you on a treadmill of win-lose-win-lose.

Can Publishers Thrive While Agencies Die?

In the marketing world of 2013, creative that works in one medium may not reach enough of the target audience effectively. With shorter attention-spans, and so many attention-demanding media, achieving engagement with the creative is tougher than ever.

Clients are finding that an industrialized – assembly line – approach may make more creative but not more effectiveness. Just like more movies from a studio doesn’t mean more movies that are successful, there is a limited about of great creative talent to make great advertising.

Publishers can help by executing creative because they know what works in their market better than anyone.