The Secret Digital Publishing Strategy Hiding in Plain Sight

A recent story about Jason Calcanis and his burgeoning “Insider” enewsletter publishing business reminded me of  how many times I have reminded my clients that email is 1) the strongest consumer connection on the internet short of a paid relationship, and 2) a fantastic way to deliver content and advertising, and 3) by far a bigger opportunity for publishers than social media because everyone has email…it’s required to register for social media.

If you are wondering how to get more out of your email, call me, or connect with the Mequoda Group who specializes in consulting and execution for internet publishers including a whole suite of best practices and a hosted tech-solution for online publishers.

Take a look at the piece I wrote in 2014 about the importance of email.  

And here is the MediaPost column I wrote about the importance of email, debunking the Wall Street Journal piece in 2009.

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