The Multi-screen Advertising Proposal: Will Your Team be Ready?

We’ve known for a long time that advertisers prefer a ‘complete solution’ with coordinated media elements in a media plan.  Media companies that can deliver a fully- integrated media proposal have an advantage in that competitive situation.  That is why developed the Integrated-Hybrid Media Sales Training courses some time ago.

Now, a study by the Association of National Advertisers, in conjunction with Nielsen, has some metrics for you on “multi-screen” marketing.  MediaPost reported that according to the survey only 20% of all campaigns are ‘multi-screen’ today.  But ANA executives say they expect half of all campaigns to be multi-screen by 2020. That portends a big change coming.

You don’t have to be a television company to synchronize a campaign with a TV media-buy.  Will your sales team know how to propose to synchronize ads on your the tablet-delivered site with the TV ads on the screen across the room? If not, you’ll be missing an opportunity.

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