Hybrid Media Advertising Sales: Print + Digital, One Brand

Integrated  ‘Hybrid’ Media Sales Training

Almost every media company is selling Internet advertising in addition to its core media advertising. Broadcast, cable, print, radio, all are delivering content digitally and selling advertising on multiple platforms. Hybrid Media Sales training programs train your sales people on all the key concepts and product knowledge for how to sell multiple media together, in the same package or proposal. Of course that includes how to sell Internet advertising in particular. And Hybrid Media sales teaches sales people and management the philosophy and tactics to enable them to sell Internet Advertising with, rather than against, their core media.

Hybrid Media sales training will:Integrated Media Sales

  • Get your sales people charged up to sell internet advertising along with their traditional medium.
  • Show your sales people how to sell Internet advertising WITH the print or radio or television advertising they currently sell, rather than against it.
  • Take the mystery out of online sales.
  • Show sales people and sales management how to package Internet together with other media.
  • Show sales people and management how Hybrid Media packages are more cost effective for advertisers in addition to profitable for media companies.

One-day Hybrid Media ‘bootcamp’ seminar

  • Sends your sales people out to sell basic online media packages the day after.
  • Seminars are customized to your market and your properties particular selling proposition.

Two-day Hybrid Media ‘advanced training’ seminar

  • Gives you the most value for your training dollar.
  • Prepares sales people to pitch very large, complex media packages to your biggest advertisers
    • Sessions are customized to your market and your property
    • Includes workshop time on specific problem accounts.
    • Sales people leave with a specific sales plan on a big account.

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