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I’m always looking for new and innovative tactics to help my sales team drive results.  Dan provided just that.  He dispensed with the “big ideas” and instead offered very practical concepts on time management, structuring the sales call, and successful selling generally that work in the real world.

—Robert Carmignani, eHealthcare Solutions

Score 1 for Dan Ambrose’s training.

—Women’s Marketing, Inc

It was a great seminar. It was one of those rare events that delivered exactly what was expected. I feel I now have begun to get my hands around what we need to do with our magazines, trade shows and web sites to finally generate some online revenue.

—Bill Springer, Diversified Business Communications

Dan Ambrose is an excellent strategist, with a multitude of skills. I was just starting my company when I met him. He helped me articulate everything I wrote in my business plan, plus a few things I couldn’t have thought of myself! … I couldn’t have gotten funded without Dan’s contributions.

—Laurel Touby, Founder & CEO Mediabistro

In my 8 years as a sales pro, I have sat through numerous training programs. Yours was the first that I found to be real, valuable and (most importantly) effective.

—Freddy Cavin, Vault.com

We sold a lot of advertising off your recommendations.

—Dave Andrick, Sales Director, Primedia Equine Network

Business plan consultant extraordinaire. Without his guidance framing the financial projections for that original business plan, I would never have been able to raise money.

—Laurel Touby, Founder and Cyberhostess, Mediabistro.com

 I think the training went really well to an audience that was somewhat hostile at the beginning. In the end, the buzz I got was that they were all quite happy about the training and the presentations.

—Dave Evans, General Manager, Online, New York Magazine

 I enjoyed your class. It always amazes me how much saying things out loud makes them so much more crystal clear to me. I needed that session.

—Barbara Tanner, Primedia Scrapbooking

 Dan Ambrose was an engaging speaker – very knowledgeable and added his energy to the seminar. He’s a great public speaker.

—Lisa Kaplan, Time Inc.

 Your presentation was great, professional yet approachable. I’m looking forward to putting this into action.

—Debbie Hanni, Creating Keepsakes

 …this was great…not like the kind of training I have been exposed to before.

—Dave Branch, Group Publisher, Sail & Power & Motoryacht

 It was well worth flying to the States from London for a day.

—David Ricketts, Sales Manager, Europe and Asia, Chemical Week


You provided a 30,000 foot strategic and thematic overview that put all of the information into context, but you conveyed extremely valuable selling tactics that will assist me when I get into the field with the sales reps.

—John Persinos, Publisher,  Aviation Today


Dan had total command of his subjects and he engaged the audience with questions and comments that elicited the Q&A everyone needed…I intend to use some of Dan’s comments in our media kits. Before the meeting I was ruing the fact that I was so far behind with my media kits: now I think it is a blessing because I can include this valuable information.

—Daniel Comiskey, Publisher,  Avionics and Aviation Maintenance Magazines