Sales Skills = Leadership Skills   Recently updated !

Too often salespersonship is equated with manipulative tactics or worse. Real sales skills are leadership skills that are simple, available to all, and that work especially well in media sales. Yes, sales is leading customers like discussed in Selling Power on leadership mindset. But it’s much more than that. After all, leadership […]

Fail Well! Build Your Success on Your Failure in These Three Ways   Recently updated !

Fail well! Now there ‘s an idea. In Silicon Valley it’s often said that investors are happy to invest with entrepreneurs who have failed in the past, because they will have learned so much from the experience. If you are in the ad-sales business, failing to close deals is not […]

Pyramid Building Wins on Losses

These Five Myths Miss a Key Point

Many have written about the “Original Sin” of traditional media making the mistake of giving away their content online, sealing their fate. Too few understand that it was the entire Internet competing for time that drew audiences away from online newspapers. While internet media re-invested their profits in making themselves […]

Doesn't make sense to compare an apple to an orange.

Why Ad-Sales is Different (And You Need a Specialized Ad-Sales Trainer)

Sales is sales, right? Not so fast my friend. Advertising sales is different from most other business-2-business sales for several reasons. Let’s review. Advertising media and sponsorship purchase decisions are public decisions. The public sees what a company decides and will have a point of view; approval or displeasure – […]

What Makes the World Go Around? Or How to Think About Cold-Calling

What, indeed, makes the world go around? The immutable forces of physics would be one answer. In our more prosaic world, and something I know more about, it’s the creative and destructive forces of the economy. Every day the sun comes up, it’s a new day of opportunity. New products […]

Trust is the Special Sauce of Advertising Sales

Traditional media must utilize better sales practices.  Digital media emphasizes the need for targeting to reduce waste, and social media to replace old-fashioned word of mouth.  Traditional media must emphasize the need for trust before targeting. Ask power-questions that get the client thinking about the importance of trust.  Then ask questions about how the client builds trust-building into their marketing efforts.