Ad Sales Tips

Think Differently About Cold-Calling

You are in advertising. So think of your cold-calling process as an ad campaign for yourself. It will take many impressions to win the prospects’ attention. Those impressions can be delivered through a range of messaging forms. read more


The Highest Ad-Sales Skill: Asking Powerful Questions

There was a time when advertising sales was easy. Woody Allen was right: 80% of success was just showing up. Today, ad-sales is hard. Customers have far more choices and greater expectations. read more


Start at the Top

All signs point to the bottom in ad-sales: “Call the buyer” they say, or the planner. But influence flows down from the top. You’ll have to influence the top execs, so start there. read more


Structure Time to Get Appointments

Whether they are on the phone or in-person, advertising sales persuasion starts with getting an appointment. Here is how to begin to win more sales calls to grow sales. read more


Clients Think you Have an Agenda. So Have One!

Proposing an agenda at the opening of your sales call creates respect and control, and it will help you cover the important points you need to communicate. read more


Tell a Story to Make a Sale

Top sales people tell stories because it engages customers and puts the sales message in a context that captures the prospect’s attention, perhaps even tugs at the prospect’s emotions. read more


Use Change as Your Sales Ally

How will you get your prospects to open their minds to your pitch? Getting them to agree that “things are changing” is easy. It will open their minds to buying from you. read more


Get Serious About Sales Calls

More sales calls will result in more business. If you are not in your prospect’s office your competition might be. Do what it takes to get more sales calls; whether it’s walk-ins or appointments, on-the-phone or in-person. read more


You’ll Thank Me for This Tip

Right after you win an advertising contract your competitors will tell your clients how wrong they were. Use “thank you” to reinforce the business and start renewing the business now. read more


Negotiate Up!

Most advertising sales today involves negotiations. Here is one tactic to help win the negotiation for your company. read more


Use A Print Campaign to Win Internet

Hybrid Media: Print and digital advertising working together is more cost-effective for the advertiser and a selling-advantage for the sales person. read more


Learn to Engage Your Client

You know you should ask more questions to sell more. Do you do all the talking on your sales calls? Here’s how not to talk so much that the call resembles a bad blind-date. read more


A Question is Your Best Answer

Objection handling is pressure packed, and negotiating even more so. Handle the pressure, especially when you aren’t sure what to say, with a question. read more