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Advertising Sales Data Resources

Advertising sales requires data;  whom to call, when to call, what to say, how to explain your media and property in the context of the market and the advertisers alternatives.

Here are some software and services companies that may help you find the right service for your company:

Arbitron Radio is now Nielsen Audio (see below).

Advertising Database provides a regularly updated database of advertiser and agency contacts and information on their spending and target audiences.

Advertiser Perceptions surveys advertisers about their point of view about, experiences with, and intentions to buy various media. This survey also provides a high-level measure of the effectiveness of national account sales forces.  Learn more at:

Competitive Analysis System supplies an online-based database system to track your advertisers and your competitions advertisers providing you with timely and accurate data.

ComScore Media Metrix is the most service widely used major advertising agencies for national measurement of online audiences and their demographics and buying habits and plans.

GFK/MRI, a company comprised of the MRI Consumer Research Survey of the American Consumer™ commonly used to measure magazine audiences, and STARCH Readership Reporting.

Ipsos Affluent Survey, formerly Monroe Mendelshon Media Research (MMR), measures the “upscale consumer” in the US.  Ipsos samples 13,000 upscale adults with over $250,000 HHI or $1,000,000 investable assets; providing greater detail and insight on the subset of the market that spends the most on autos, luxury goods, travel, etc.

Kantar Media Intelligence is an advertising unit and revenue tracking service tracking the largest advertisers and the largest media; television, radio, national consumer magazines and internet spending, that is available by subscription.

The List provides contact information on many of the top advertisers and agencies.  Want to sell ads to Nike?  The List will have the agency and client contact information.

Media Audit provides cross-media audience measurement in 80 + local markets.  Media Audit reports audience sized for newspapers, radio stations, television stations and cable, outdoor and local content web sites.

Media Radar provides a near-comprehensive suite of account information; advertising history and contact information for a wide range if media.  Contact founder Todd Krizelman for information on how Media Radar can customize a competitive set of media for you or your sales team to track for leads.

Media Services Group provides software solutions and training for media companies including the Advertising Manager database program to capture client and agency contact and purchase history information.

Nielsen Audio provides radio audience measurements in hundreds of US markets.

Nielsen Net Ratings records the purchase patterns, interests, and internet behavior of a sample of approximately 20,000 Americans and projects that result to the nation; providing audience projections for larger web sites along with projected audience composition and purchase pattern projections.

Seller Crowd is a community-based (“social media” or “crowd sourced”) resource to learn about which advertisers are active, whom the contacts for advertisers and agencies are, and what is happening with particular accounts.  Seller Crowd now includes crowd-sourced organization-charts.  Free to join.  Post a question, perhaps get an answer.

Simmons Survey, from the Simmons Market Research Bureau or SMRB, samples a large national sample of consumers compiling data on a wide range of product purchases and media consumption habits.  Simmons is long respected in the magazine audience research sector.

Starch Research is famous for its Starch Readership Research studies of advertising memorability and effectiveness and editorial readership with-in magazines.  They provide measurement of out-of-home creative stopping power.

Winmo is a subscription service focusing on ad-sales leads, news about campaigns being planned, and contact information for key accounts.  Winmo acquired and incorporate Advertising Database in 2015.