These Five Myths Miss a Key Point

Many have written about the “Original Sin” of traditional media making the mistake of giving away their content online, sealing their fate. Too few understand that it was the entire Internet competing for time that drew audiences away from online newspapers. While internet media re-invested their profits in making themselves […]

Why Ad-Sales is Different (And You Need a Specialized Ad-Sales Trainer)

Sales is sales, right? Not so fast my friend. Advertising sales is different from most other business-2-business sales for several reasons. Let’s review. Advertising media and sponsorship purchase decisions are public decisions. The public sees what a company decides and will have a point of view; approval or displeasure – […]

Doesn't make sense to compare an apple to an orange.

What Makes the World Go Around? Or How to Think About Cold-Calling

What, indeed, makes the world go around? The immutable forces of physics would be one answer. In our more prosaic world, and something I know more about, it’s the creative and destructive forces of the economy. Every day the sun comes up, it’s a new day of opportunity. New products […]

Trust is the Special Sauce of Advertising Sales

Traditional media must utilize better sales practices.  Digital media emphasizes the need for targeting to reduce waste, and social media to replace old-fashioned word of mouth.  Traditional media must emphasize the need for trust before targeting. Ask power-questions that get the client thinking about the importance of trust.  Then ask questions about how the client builds trust-building into their marketing efforts.  

That’s Where the Money Is: Fresh Opportunity for Ad-Sales in Banking

Since more and more customers interact with their bank using digital means, bank locations will be less important, and banks should be pouring more investment into marketing and advertising to attract the deposits that support growth. Advertising with trusted brands, is the starting point for building trust.  Consistency is another principle of trust-building. And advertising in print is especially important because it is a trusted medium, and print targets customers with money.

Use Social Media for Ad-Sales

Great ad-sales people never rest. When it comes to prospecting and engaging with customers, they seek an edge every day; rising earlier, making more calls, and gathering more information that will be useful to their prospects. While the days of cold-calling are not over, the Masters of Media Selling use […]

5 Ad-Sales Skills That Separate the Great From the Good

We teach these 5 secrets at in our private customized sales training for major media companies, and skills we teach in the public Masters of Media Selling seminars I co-produce with MediaPost: 2 important secrets to getting more of the right appointments, one key to persuasion, and two objection-handling and closing principles.

Automated Advertising and Publishing Economics

Publishers can fight back and regain lost programmatic advertising revenue.  But success is not automatic.  If you are bewildered by the jargon has the solution for you…

Sales Teams Thrive on Trust

I once heard Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski tell a story about the importance of trust in team-building. Perhaps more than any other endeavor, sales requires pushing through despite failure. Sales people and sales teams that have very high closing ratios could probably increase sales by approaching more prospects and lowering their win-rate. But criticism of failure reduces the risk-taking that is necessary for success.