All Together Now: Environment Matters

Advertisers care about their results. Results are influenced by environment. Why don’t advertisers care about the environment their ads run within? More important, how can ad-sales executives induce buyers to care enough to pay for a premium environment?   I have taught sales training and blogged on the idea that […]

Are You Using Media Research All Wrong?

News recently broke that Kantar, the media research company, is being shopped around with a billion-dollar-plus price tag. Media research is valuable. But too many media companies don’t get their money’s worth out of the their subscriptions to MRI or Neilsen or ComScore or name-the-syndicated-research for your medium. Most ad-sales […]

A True Story: Overcoming Objections for a Big Ad-Sales Win

Big sales come from hurdling big objections. “You are too small,” is one of those common, big, objections in the world of advertising sales. Big advertisers with big budgets want to make a few big purchases to accomplish their objectives. They often feel like buying your smaller, but very nice, […]

Sales Skills = Leadership Skills

Too often salespersonship is equated with manipulative tactics or worse. Real sales skills are leadership skills that are simple, available to all, and that work especially well in media sales. Yes, sales is leading customers like discussed in Selling Power on leadership mindset. But it’s much more than that. After all, leadership […]