Make Yourself a Master of Media Selling With This Course

What do master advertising sales people know that you don’t?  What do your competitors very best advertising sales managers, leaders in the ad sales  industry, do that makes them win more sales?  They have 5 secrets that makes them the very best at selling advertising.

Get More Senior Level Sales Calls

In the advertising sales environment today, it is harder than ever to get appointments with the most important advertising sales-influencers and decision-makers.  Masters of Media Selling know how to get those appointments and how to make the most of that scarce prospect attention.  Masters of Media Selling will teach how to get more appointments and get more of them with the higher-level decision-makers whom the “buyers” want to please.

Deliver Value in Sales Calls, Not Just Propaganda

In today’s selling environment, the only way to immediate deep sales engagement is to show early in the sales conversation that you know something important about the client’s situation and that you can deliver value in the sales process.  There are many ways that the best advertising sales managers bring value.  Masters of Media Selling will teach how to create engagement without breaking your bank.

Persuade with Logic That is Difficult to Deny

Far too many advertising sales presentations are like bad blind dates:  They start off telling how great the media property is, often extolling virtues that the prospect hasn’t even said are important.  Top media sellers reach agreement on the “situation” and the “needs” of the client before they show their prospect how well their property solves the problem or meets the agreed-upon needs.  Masters of Media Selling will teach how to achieve early and easy agreement in the sales process. Then the prospect must logically agree with the conclusion that is closing.

Seek and Welcome Objections – and – Know How to Handle Objections

When your sales person goes on a sales call, and the prospect nods and smiles throughout the sales conversation, many sales people think they had a “good meeting.”  In fact, they made no headway in the sales process.  Only when a prospect has asked some pretty pointed questions or expressed some out-right objections, can a sales person be confident that the prospect is engaged and actually considering the proposition.  Many times, media buyers sit through the whole presentation thinking, “I’ll keep my objections to myself because if I express myself the sales person will only argue.  And I need to get out of here back to my real work.”  Masters of Media Selling seek objections, so they can be handled.  They know how to probe for objections and how to handle objections, so they can proceed with confidence.  And they know that without handling objections they are not progressing toward a sale.

Know What to Ask For:  Close on the Possible

Closing is the bugaboo of ad sales.  Some sales people are afraid to ask for commitment.  Others do it clumsily.  In major account advertising sales, frequently the prospect simply can’t agree to buy.  So what does a truly sophisticated advertising sales person ask for to move the sale toward a deal?  Masters of Media Selling know what to ask for when closing a sales call.  The best sales people ask for something that is possible…not what is impossible.  Since the prospect can’t make a commitment to buy, Masters of Media Selling don’t ask for one.  They ask for an action that genuinely moves the process ahead.  Masters of Media Selling know what to ask for…You can learn how here.


About Daniel M. Ambrose

Ambrose, launched, corp. in 1994 to provide sophisticated strategy consulting and advertising sales training to advertising-driven media clients in the U.S. and abroad. Starting with the founding of and iVillage in 1995, has worked with hundreds of clients to help accelerate advertising revenue growth.