A Sales Call Is Like a Blind Date: Are You Talking Too Much?

What do dates and sales calls have in common? You probably need to win another meeting or date to accomplish your goal. You are, in fact, building a relationship. You know good and well that talking about yourself too much on a date is a way to make sure it’s […]

Do Your Sales People Understand How to Sell Advertising Against Low-Priced Networks? 1

Sales people must seek out the objections, starting with the price objection, to make sure the prospective understands your value proposition. If your customer has a hidden price objection, thinking there are less expensive ways to accomplish what your medium offers, it is often because they don’t properly value the media you are selling. So it is critical that your sales people are trained to probe for objections and to handle objections with all the skill you can help them develop.

Opening is the New Closing: “You Had Me at Hello” 1

Consider the a famous scene from Jerry Magurie when Renee Zellweger said: “You had me at hello.” Tom Cruise had the opening right when he said “Hello, I’m looking for my wife.”

I can say with confidence that in today’s sales environment, opening your sales conversation with a show of care; preparation and knowledge of the prospects situation is what wins attention. Without attention you can’t close the sale.

Make Yourself a Master of Media Selling With This Course

The very best major account advertising sales people know 5 Secrets of selling more; Getting more high level appointments, bringing more ‘value’ to the sales conversation, achieving easy and early agreement to situation and needs before pushing their property, seeking and handling objections and closing on the ‘possible’ not the impossible.

Welcome to the new ambro.com 1

Today is the soft launch of a new and more aggressive ambro.com. We’ll soon be providing a new service: On-demand sales training for the way you live, the way you manage and the way you compete. Subscribers to our email newsletter, The Advertising Sales Imperative, will be offered a free trial to the subscription-based on-demand video training service when it launches. So be sure you are signed up for The Advertising Sales Imperative e-newsletter today.