Objection Handling

The Most Difficult Objection: “I don’t need to see you.”

All this is a preamble to this simple point: You better have a really good message when you ask for an appointment. If it works, you’ll win more appointments and ultimately win more business. If your message is so-so, you and your property will stay in the mental “circular file.”

Negotiating for Advertising Dollars

Ad sales executives need to keep good negotiating practices in mind when the negotiation starts. When a client devotes time to an actual discussion of whether you can meet their price, it is a powerful signal your property is one of a few, not one of many choices.

How to Win the Close Ones

Too often media companies feel pressed to ad in free pages or free digital impressions when that is really not different from lowering the price. Media companies would be far more successful with breaking those ties, assuming they have their media priced appropriately, by offering research.

Advertising Sales Objection Handling: Lets Go to the Research

How many times have you talked with a prospect when they voiced an objection and wouldn’t agree with your answer even though you answered with evidence that was logically irrefutable? Now, maybe, we know why.

Do Your Sales People Understand How to Sell Advertising Against Low-Priced Networks? 1

Sales people must seek out the objections, starting with the price objection, to make sure the prospective understands your value proposition. If your customer has a hidden price objection, thinking there are less expensive ways to accomplish what your medium offers, it is often because they don’t properly value the media you are selling. So it is critical that your sales people are trained to probe for objections and to handle objections with all the skill you can help them develop.

Make Yourself a Master of Media Selling With This Course

The very best major account advertising sales people know 5 Secrets of selling more; Getting more high level appointments, bringing more ‘value’ to the sales conversation, achieving easy and early agreement to situation and needs before pushing their property, seeking and handling objections and closing on the ‘possible’ not the impossible.