How Will Masters of Media Selling seminar help you?

It is not easy for sales management or sales people to admit that possible sales are going un-made. No one wants to say, “We’re not as good as we should be.” But the other side of that coin is “We want to be better.” Masters of Media Selling attendees agree. Sales people from companies diverse as Curse, Inc. (media for video gamers), Fortune magazine, Mother Jones magazine, RocketFuel (programmatic services), Rural Media (Cable TV, Satellite Radio, Events) and TapJoy (mobile network) have all come to Masters of Media Selling and left with with new skills to help them win more of the big and difficult accounts.

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Find your groove in ad-sales. Learn the skills that make the masters of advertising sales win more appointments, persuade more effectively, and close more business. Click to check the next date.

What is Masters of Media Selling about?

Getting more of the right appointments at the right time

Being more persuasive

Closing more successfully

Simple but exactly what is needed. Even the best sales people can improve.  And most have lots of room to improve. The skills taught are not a “be like me” overpowering personality thing; they are based on simple practices that can be implemented by any sales person who is determined to be a sales star. Join us in New York City April 5th, 6th or 7th. Or get in touch with us about a custom session for your entire team.

Check out more about the program with this 14-minute video, or download the white paper on the 5 Secrets of the very best sales people.

About Daniel M. Ambrose

Ambrose, launched, corp. in 1994 to provide sophisticated strategy consulting and advertising sales training to advertising-driven media clients in the U.S. and abroad. Starting with the founding of and iVillage in 1995, has worked with hundreds of clients to help accelerate advertising revenue growth.