Deliver Value in Ad Sales Calls

How to Conduct a 10-Minute Ad Sales Call 1

The objective for the 10-minute sales call should be clear; to get the client to agree that there is enough interest to schedule more time. You’ll either get the extra time on the spot or get another meeting scheduled with proper time.

Death of the Salesman? What Does RTB Mean for Publishing? 1

RTB will not kill all the advertising sales people, just change their job. The old role of advertising sales people, to provide the price to the buyer, will be ceded to the RTB media exchange. Sales people will, instead deliver value with understanding of the market and how it is changing, and help their clients by showing them how to configure packages of media for the best results much like a former stock broker, now called a financial planner, makes recommendations for investments but no longer sets or communicates the price.

Make Yourself a Master of Media Selling With This Course

The very best major account advertising sales people know 5 Secrets of selling more; Getting more high level appointments, bringing more ‘value’ to the sales conversation, achieving easy and early agreement to situation and needs before pushing their property, seeking and handling objections and closing on the ‘possible’ not the impossible.