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Advertising revenue is mission critical to your media company

Competing for that revenue is becoming harder every day as the market changes around you, as new competitors appear and as it becomes more difficult to win time with customers. With the market changing and new competitors emerging, none of us can thrive without reevaluating and changing our own approach to the market.

For twenty years ambro.com has been on the futuristic, forward-edge of helping media companies, online and offline, plan and execute for sales growth. We have been known for the most sophisticated sales training that produces results for media as big as Parade, as focused as Palm Springs Life and as diverse as MGM Home Video and Mother Jones.

Today is the soft launch of a new and more aggressive ambro.com. We’ll soon be providing a new service: On-demand sales training for the way you live, the way you manage and the way you compete. Subscribers to our email newsletter, The Advertising Sales Imperative, will be offered a free trial to the subscription-based on-demand video training service when it launches. So be sure you are signed up for The Advertising Sales Imperative e-newsletter today.


The first requirement of successful advertising sales is engagement with a prospect

Getting a prospect to take time to learn about your property starts with getting an appointment, in-person or over the wires. Sales people who get the most appointments make the most sales. So, when I teach advertising sales reps how to cold-call for appointments, I guide them through a simple formula: Why You? Why Me? Why Now? If they can answer those questions in a succinct message, in-person, via phone and via email follow-up, and they make the out-going calls in volume, they will get the appointments. If the “Why You” message to a prospect shows that the sales person really understands the prospect’s situation and needs, the prospective client is likely to agree to set aside the time for an appointment.

So, for this first blog entry of my re-launched web site you’ll notice that the first three paragraphs above used the very formula I teach. If you are still reading, it worked.

I have been publishing The Advertising Sales Imperative on a monthly basis for years. This Monday it will become weekly. I will be listening to you to learn what kinds of content are especially useful. Tell me in the comments section below what kinds of information most interests you.


About Daniel M. Ambrose

Ambrose, launched ambro.com, corp. in 1994 to provide sophisticated strategy consulting and advertising sales training to advertising-driven media clients in the U.S. and abroad. Starting with the founding of About.com and iVillage in 1995, ambro.com has worked with hundreds of clients to help accelerate advertising revenue growth.

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    ambro.com will be creating trainng solutions directly for the issues that you and your team find particularly difficult. Tell me directly or post them here for discussion. Do you have trouble getting the right appointments at the right time? Or do you have good meetings that go no-where? Or perhaps you are filling in many RFPs and winning few? These are all common problems…what is top of your list?

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