What do CEOs and CROs Need to Know About Programmatic Advertising?

Automated advertising, “programmatic” in the industry vernacular, can be “automatically bad” just as well as it can automate the best thinking and analytics. Do you know the difference?

Media company CEOs and CROs from b2b to specialized media to consumer and local media companies should join the seminar we have developed in partnership with Paul Rothkopf of Pi-Collective.

Programmatic advertisers are buying your inventory on exchanges, for far less than it’s worth. Why? Because without enough bids from competing advertisers, the high-bid winner gets your impression at one-cent above the next – much lower – bid.

Media companies CAN determine what their inventory is worth…independently of what they are earning.

Advertisers have their own ‘first-party’ data they use to know when and how much to bid.  Media company much have a first party data strategy of their own.  If not media companies are leaving money on the table.

Join us January 23rd in NYC for the Masters of Media Selling seminar: Managing Automated Advertising Strategies.


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