Hybrid Media

Unlike Print: Digital Ads are Out-of-Sight, Out-of-Mind 1

I have been advising and training digital publishers on how to sell advertising for 20 years.  After a career in selling print advertising, first I predominately worked with digital publishers.  Then, after the internet advertising industry was off and running, I was most often hired by print-advertising, sales-driven publishers to […]

Young People Like Print, Too 1

Last week I wrote about how digital-direct-marketers are using print to drive more and better sales results.  I have asserted for some time in my Hybrid Media sales training that consumers use print for different reasons than they do digital media, and that the two together are more powerful than […]

Keeping Up With Your Customers: Ad-Sales for Content Marketing

“One of the biggest problems of publishers and advertising sales staffs today is falling behind the customer.” Leading advertisers are moving as fast as they can to keep up with the changing information habits of their customers. But most publishers are more focused on selling what they have, the way it’s been sold in the past, than thinking about how to sell new services or sell advertising in new ways. So publishers and advertising sales executives are falling behind the perceived needs of their customers, the advertisers.

Digital Direct Marketers Agree, Can’t Live Well Without Print 1

In today’s crowded media market, the core value of print is in the inspiration. For digital, it is in the execution. The WSJ reported “Boden, the U.K.-based clothing retailer, ships millions of catalogs around the world each year. Shoppers spend up to 15 to 20 minutes with the catalog, says Shanie Cunningham, head of U.S. marketing, compared with an average of just eight seconds for a Boden email and about five minutes with the Boden iPad app.”

How to Sell Print Advertising: New Evidence of Print ROI

Digital content environments are known for short attention spans, and difficulty introducing advertising for unknown brands and products because the user has so much control, to the point of blocking banners. “Magazines don’t have the issue of ad avoidance… People happily read ads alongside content in magazines, and are equally likely to remember ads and editorial.”

Why to Learn How to Sell Programmatic Advertising

Today, advertisers want and need a complete solution. And advertising sales people need ad sales training on how to sell hybrid advertising packages where the value is greater than the sum of the parts. Like a hybrid car with two engines that work separately and together to provide higher mileage, a hybrid ad sales proposal provides the advertiser with coordinated media elements that may include premium display to build interest and brand trust and programmatic impressions to reach that same customer as they move through the purchase decision process.

The Multi-screen Advertising Proposal: Will Your Team be Ready?

You don’t have to be a television company to synchronize a campaign with a TV media-buy. Will your sales team know how to propose how to tie-in ads on the tablet-delivered site tie in with the TV ads on the screen across the room? If not you’ll be missing an opportunity.

When Does Digital Support Print? 1

Recent increases in print sales for Men’s magazines show why selling print and digital through the same “hybrid” sales force can be an advantage for print publishers. We have observed that when a print campaign is won, the timing on that will be well before the digital campaign is decided. Long-ago we wrote this ad-sales tip on how to leverage that print win into digital revenue.