Connect, Educate, Collaborate, Close

Your customers have little time for you because they are under so much pressure to be productive. Only if you add value to their day, every time you meet, will you win time with them to build the relationship that gives you a leg up in the competition.

Open the Mind w keyThat is why I loved seeing new research on now b2b buyers separate winners from losers. The research directly supports the Strategic Sales Tactics Training for advertising sales that we teach in customized form for media companies and publically through the Masters of Media Selling seminars with MediaPost.

Have a Hypothesis, Be Humble, Ask Questions like Columbo

The solution to overcoming fear of being wrong, is avoiding the need to be right. Journalists do this all the time by asking first the obvious, then the un-obvious question. Columbo, my favorite disheveled TV detective, would pose two conflicting sets of facts and ask questions trying to resolve them.

5 Secrets of Ad-Sales Greats

Too many sales trainers take the “be like me” approach to teaching advertising sales. But there are successful advertising sales people of every size and shape, and of every personality. Successful advertising sales people, the ones who sell more then their competitors or more then their colleagues, make the extra sales because they do one or more of the 5 Secrets of Advertising Sales Masters

The 5 Secrets of Ad-Sales Greats

Listen Up. Ideas Here to be a Better Sales Listener

We have all been there.  We are so excited about our media property, and so convinced it is right for the customer, we talk too much.  We never give the client the opportunity to tell us about their views, or their needs, or even objections.  Here are some ideas from […]