When is Data Sexy?

Data is sexy when it drives profits. Wall Street has used very fast math — noticing and trading on very small differences in asset prices on different markets — to make billions. Digital entrepreneurs have built companies with a competitive advantage because they can read and respond to data on user behavior faster than others. Editors and marketers see the beauty of a pattern and respond with business or content adjustments to gain a data-edge and profits that flow from it. One such area is in the targeting of advertising now called programmatic advertising.

It’s a data driven world for advertising. Does your sales team do data? Do they see beauty in numbers? Now is the time to train them up. Join me or send your key players to How to Sell Programmatic or Programmatic for Sales Managers in NYC August 2 – 3 2016.

The latest news in programmatic advertising is all about so-called header-bidding. Header-bidding evolved because Google, who dominates ad-serving and the advertising exchange through DoubleClick, gave its own customers a “first look” and “last look” at available impressions. The data delivered in the “header” can level the playing field for multiple ad-impression bidders so that multiple “demand sources” can bid on a level playing field. Will the industry be able to coalesce around a set of standards that deliver the benefits of greater data resources to make for fully informed transactions? It will take some time for the industry to standardize around how to encode data into the so called “wrapper” so that a buyer can understand the qualities of the offered impression in the bidding-nanosecond to offer the full value of the prospective impression.

Advertisers wish to utilize their own data sources to identify the best prospects to target with advertising. Publishers can profit most by bringing their own data to the point of sale. Sales people can learn to develop custom data sets for advertisers that adds value to the publisher’s impressions, driving greater advertiser loyalty and revenue. But does your sale team understand how to bring innovative data opportunities to the advertising sale? Send them to How to Sell Programmatic Advertising, the public training course I have developed in association with MediaPost.


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